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Manycam Solves Prop Storage Issues

It sure is hard to have a prop for every lesson that you teach. Prop storage takes space. Prop storage can be confusing? Many online teachers wonder if you should organize by subject, category, lesson, level? Help??

Manycam allows you to access a database of props in digitial form for every lesson to use in your own classroom. Don't get me need basic props to use in your online classroom. You don't need multiple props for every lesson. Manycam solves props storage issues


Manycam Makes Learning Online More Engaging

Using Manycam in the classroom can bring the magic of digital video, effects, games, props, teaching tools, and more. Digital Props can help students understand concepts. Ever tried teaching slither with TPR (hand motions)? Well, slither with a video of a snake is WAY MORE ENGAGING. It makes my kiddos scream a little, but it's so fun. I use Google Slides activities to help students in the classroom understand difficult concepts that I can't TPR, describe with limited English, or are not explained well with images in our teaching curriculum. 

Manycam Can Decrease Your Prep Time 

Preparation before class can take time. Many teachers gather bins and place props in them. Many teachers create, print, laminate, and cute many resources. All this takes time! Lots of time! Imagine being able to review the curriculum slides that you teach, pull up a digital resource and then teach. I currently pull up a slide presentation of props and resources and then I go. I have taught over 4,000 clases with regulars moving up levels and units in order. I've got my prep time down to one minute or less per class. In fact, I pull up the slides in between classes, pull props from my organized prop set of essentials. 

We can do hard things even if we aren't "TECHIE" teachers......

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